Situated in Loughborough, Rhondama have had the same logo for the past 20 years. It was very dated and didn’t fall in line with the new modern approach to their business. After getting their website updated Rhondama wanted a logo to match the modern look of their site. The brief was to have something modern that showed some of the products they sell. The second part to this job was to produce an eye catching sign that would replace an old one they had.


The biggest challenge was trying to keep an element of the product in the branding. The Logo needed to be modern, fresh and industry related.


Strong modern typefaces we used. Elements of the products they sell were used with a strong icon. The client is now using this as a stand alone icon. Strong corporate colour is now used and can be reversed out. Elements of their old logo have been used but brought into a nice modern logo.

Steve took the brief and produced a set of designs across all marketing formats, from socials to print materials, that exceeded all expectations. He's a pleasure to work with but more importantly, he produces high quality work.

Tim Walsh

Director of Branagh PR